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1. Organizer
1.1. The game, run on the project  "EasyGuide - interactive mobile application for popularizing the historical and cultural heritage in the regions of Calarasi and Silistra" are organized by MUNICIPALITY SILISTRA, hereinafter referred to as "Organizer". These rules are mandatory for all players in the game. Promoter reserves the right unilaterally to repair or modify rules by announcing the amendments or revisions public Facebook page project “EasyGuide – interactive mobile application for popularizing the historical and cultural heritage in the regions of Calarasi and Silistra ”
1.2. Contractor of the game is „TOP DESIGN BULGARIA LTD" With headquarters and address of management:
Silistra 22A Dobrudja Street, UIC - BG203876762,  hereinafter referred to as" Contractor ".
2. Characteristics and period of the game
2.1. The game held on the project "EasyGuide - interactive mobile application for the promotion of historical and cultural heritage in the regions of Calarasi and Silistra" on Facebook are issues landmarks in Silistra or in Calarasi . Participants can join by clicking on the game posted on the page.2.2. Играта се провежда за период от 20 декември 2018 до 20.01. 2019  година , като конкретните дати ще са предварително зададени
2.3. The game is conducted under the terms of these Rules.
3. Right of participation
3.1. Right to participate has any individual based in Bulgaria and Romania. If the winner is under the age of 16, not completed on the day of winning the prize, it may only be received by the legal guardian of the prize. The game can not participate persons working for TOP DESIGN BULGARIA Ltd., as well as their direct relatives: children, parents, siblings, spouses.
3.3. All persons under the age of 18 should be authorized by a parent or other legal representative before taking part in the game or providing their personal data.
4. Participating products
4.1. To participate in the game does not need anything or pay any fee.
5. Way of playing the game
5.1. To participate in the game, participants should have an active facebook account
5.2. Onще publish posts to the game. To join, the participant should click on the link according to the specific game. The participant starts the game and, if his answers are correct and meets the other conditions of the game, his name is included in the prize draw.
5.3. The Contractor shall notify the winning participants within five days through a separate post, comment under the post-game in which the participants have entered
5.4. In order to receive the prize, the winning person should send his / her personal data - three names, address and delivery telephone in the form of a personal message on the page within 10 days of being notified under the terms of item 5.3.
5.5. Prohibited actions by players in the game, aimed probability of winning the prize can be increased by using the tools and methods, different and / or conflict with those set out in these Rules. When identifying actions that have the purpose and / or could result in the manipulation of results in the distribution of prizes, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify the participant or participants, to remove the participations and to take part in it / deprives them of the right to receive / receive the prize or prize won as a result of such actions.
6. Prizes
6.1. The prizes in the game consist of a combination of products and promotional materials of the Organizer, which is determined individually for each game.
a shopping bag made of textile and a promotional T-shirt of the project
6.2. The prizes are not random, among all participants. All properly fulfilled the requirements of the particular game and responded correctly to questions are rewarded.
6.3. Winners will be announced on and will be notified by the Contractor under the terms of Section 5.3.
6.4. The prizes can not be exchanged for their cash equivalents.
6.5. The awards are given to a designated place by the organizer under the conditions specified in the e-mail sent to winning.
6.6. The Promoter does not assume responsibility for the wrong or invalid mailing addresses for delivery of the prizes.
7. Rules of the game
7.1. The current rules of the game are available on the Facebook page of the project "EasyGuide - interactive mobile application for the promotion of historical and cultural heritage in the regions of Calarasi and Silistra"
The conditions for carrying out each game are announced on
8. Legal disputes
8.1. The organizer of the game is not responsible and will not be drawn into legal disputes involving the possession or ownership earned awards as well as disputes relating to any costs incurred by participants in connection with the game.
8.2. Any disputes that might arise between the organizers and participants in the game will be settled amicably, but if that proves impossible, both sides will have to refer to institutions which are competent to settle the dispute.
9. Protection of personal data
9.1. By joining the game, the participants agree to the rules set out in these rules.
9.2. Participation in the game implies the explicit consent of the participating their personal data to be stored and processed by TOP DESIGN BULGARIA. Purposes of processing these data are: determining the winners in the game and deliver prizes. Organizer and ensure that personal data of individuals will not be processed for other than those specified in these rules goals.
9.3. The organizer undertakes that the personal data of the participants will not be provided to third parties.
10. Various
10.1. Every participant in the game on the "EasyGuide - Interactive Mobile Application for the Promotion of Historical and Cultural Heritage in the Calarasi and Silistra Regions" on Facebook is considered to be aware of and aware of their rules and agrees to the terms. By joining the game, each participant accepts its names to be posted on the Facebook page at to advertise the winners in the game.
10.2.  The organizer is not responsible for situations where there is an inability for some citizens to participate in the promotion when this impossibility is beyond the control of the Organizer. These circumstances may be due to inaccurate or incomplete data, information transmitted through interruptions, delays or somehow damaged in any way due to the actions of the users of the web page or of the functional software, applications or other technical means they use during the The game. These circumstances may also be due to technical problems that may interfere with the functioning of the web link and / or the software supplier web caused by technical problems and / or high traffic network or website, or both. Another reason for these circumstances may be failures or deficiencies affecting the equipment, applications, and / or personal data belonging to the participants or third parties after enrollment for participation in the game. These circumstances may also be due to legal changes that affect the procedure and implementation of promotion (as solutions to institutions, a state of war, natural disasters and other) awards, their value, functionality and conditions for the issuance and distribution of awards.
10.3.   This game is not sponsored, assigned or performed in any way by Facebook and should not be associated with Facebook. By participating you provide information to TOP DESIGN BULGARIA Ltd. and not to Facebook.